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Monday, April 30, 2012

Photo Display

The library in our town used to allow us to make copies for free - up to 10 copies a day for free. We lived across from the library for six years. I would drop photos into a Word Doc,  then print them at the library. Dropping them into a Word doc allowed me to re-size and crop the photos. The copier at the library only made black and white prints, but that was OK with me; I like B&W photography. 
After I found some metal picture frames at a yard sale, I tried to find a way to display photos so that I could change them out willy-nilly when I tired of a set of photos.

I painted some 1x2 boards and we arranged them on the wall so that we could trap the picture frames between the boards. This worked really well . . . . except that the frames were hard to get in and out of their positions between the boards. The interchangeable aspect of this display became a moot point, though, when we opted to put a pass-through in this wall; I never did get the opportunity to change out the initial set of photos! I would definitely try something like this again. It is an effective way to display photos. But if I tried this again, I would find an easier way to attach the photos to the wall. I'm just sayin' . . . .
For newer versions of photo displays, click on the link below. 


  1. What a great idea for metal picture frames. I have had a hard time with keeping the same pictures in the same place for a while as well. I found that the 3M hooks work the best when it comes to constantly moving things around. Hopefully you can get your chance to put up a beautiful display like this one again. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, Brielle! Thanks for your comment.....
    Those metal picture frames were a great yard sale find!
    I finally did re-work the photo display idea. Please access the second blog entry that I wrote this month - October of 2012. Let me know what you think, please, of our newest photo display.
    Thanks again!!!!
    PS: I don't think I'm familiar with 3M hooks. Please explain.....

  3. I like to use push pins (not thumbtacks)for hanging pictures. The work great and can easily be moved around. Other then 2 very heavy items I have never had a problem. One was an outdoor sun wall hanging and the other was a circular tealight holder. The tealight holder required 2 pins side by side and the sun did require a screw to hang. I have 24 photo slot frames hanging by push pins, and they are have always held great, even with 2 children who bounce all over the place. This works great for someone who moves photos around a lot like me, or renters, as the holes left are very minimal and easily fill back in when room is repainted.

    1. Oh, oh! You reminded me of something: I cut some of that blue-board styrofoamy stuff to the wall between shelves in our office area, covered it with wallpaper, so I'd have a sort of cork board wall for photos. I never thought to share that project; that is the oh, oh part of the whole thing!
      Love the pushpin idea. You are so right: The holes would be covered by any subsequent paint! Great idea.
      I trust you've been to pinterest to check out ideas there, for photo display...
      And one other thing: When my BIL was here to visit one day - the first visit from him since we moved here - he commented about all the photos we have on display. I'd never really thought about it, but his comment made me realize that not everyone uses photos in their decorating! Funny! In my opinion, nothing personalizes the decor quite like photos. I just assume that everyone feels this way!

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