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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rogue Gallery - A Wall Covered With Photos

I really liked the display of pictures we put on the wall some years ago....
But when we put a pass-through in that wall, the display had to be taken down. So I magnetized the adjacent wall and tacked two trellises to the wall to create a new photo display:
We enjoyed this display for some years, but I recently decided to try to recreate the original display - the one that was replaced by a pass-through, the display that showed close-ups of people we love. I wanted a display of photos that could be changed out easily. Eventually I hit upon the idea to slip photos between boards. So we we headed to Lowe's to get some 1x2s. My husband used a router to cut channels in the 8' long boards. We also brought home some hard board - the type wood used to make peg boards; the plan was to cut the hard board into 8"x10" pieces to slip between the channels in the 1x2s. After the wood was cut, we removed the old trellis display.
Then we attached the 1x2s to the wall.
Bill's part was now done; it was time for me to glue pictures to the 8x10 boards and to paint the 1x2s.....
I'll include a photo of the channels made by the router. This photo, below, also shows some of the photos in place. The boards are spaced and sized so that the 8x10 boards can be slipped into the channels from the end of the display or from the front; the top channels are deep enough to allow this.
Phew! This was a huge undertaking! I glued over 180 photos to those 8x10 boards. I put pics on both the fronts and the backs so that I can switch the photos willy nilly from front to back. My rotary cutter, used in conjunction with a lazy Susan, helped make the trimming easy. But it was still a long process.
One by one, I filled the wall with photos. I'll end this blog entry with a flurry of photos. Please note that I also added a light fixture to the display. Watch for it... Thanks for reading this. I'll add those photos now. H

Happy Creating!!!! Susan
The newest version of this display of pictures: Black and White shots


  1. I love that name, Dinu! And your naming this display made me start to come up with names of my own. What fun!!

  2. Wow! I loved all three designs that you had. How was the second design created?

    Kristi: Look at the last post for April of 2012 - it's labelled 'Trellis Project.' Let me know what you think......