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Monday, April 23, 2012

Barn Wood Basement

After we made the mistake of painting over wallpaper in the kitchen with a water-based paint, bubbles covered the wall - lots of little bubbles pocked the painted surface of the walls. So I said to Bill, 'Maybe we could find an old barn that no one wants . . . . and cover that wall with barn wood.' It was a casual comment. Then, some days later, when Bill was driving us to the store, he turned the wrong way! Shortly after this wrong turn, he pointed off into the distance and said, 'Someone told me I could get that barn.' I looked and, sure enough, he was pointing to an old barn.....

Shortly after that, Bill told me he'd talked to the owner of that barn. As it turned out, the barn was going to be buried - that's right, buried - in a couple weeks, and Bill was given permission to take any barn wood he wanted before the barn was buried. He quickly went to work to get wood from that barn. 

One early Sunday morning, I awoke to the sound of a loud noise- a very loud, obnoxious sound. When I investigated, I found Bill planing wood on the driveway. This was the neighbors' first introduction to us, the terrible sound of that planer; the sound filled the otherwise quiet of a Sunday morning. We soon had a lot of barn wood in our garage. There was so much of it that we hastily changed our plans: We would cover the walls in the basement with that beautiful wood.....

When we moved in here, the walls on the west side of the basement were covered with paneling. 

We decided to cover the bottom half of the paneling with barn wood. So Bill got to work. 
[A funny story: Bill used the ping pong table when cutting wood. One day I came home to find that he had cut off part of the table! The next day, when I heard the sound of a saw coming from the basement, I had a fleeting and funny thought occur to me, 'Oh, no! He's cutting off the other end of that table to match!' But he was really fixing the cut with some braces. We used that table for a long time with that scar in it.]

Following photos: The barn wood goes onto the wall

The wall has been painted various colors since the barn wood went in. Here are some random shots. We have a lot of fun, decorating and redecorating......

Below are some photos from a recent redo in the basement: March 2013

It would be a few years later that we finally put barn wood on the wall in the kitchen, the wall that started the whole barn wood thing at our house.
But before the wood finally  made it onto the kitchen wall with the bubbled wallpaper, I had to do something to cover those bubbles. Read about my solution by clicking on the link below. 
And to see what else we did with barn wood, click on this link....

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