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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Drapes - Revisited, and Revisited, and Revisited Again

There are two large windows in the living area of our home. This picture shows what the front window looked like when we moved in - droopy old drapes and now cornice covering the traverse rod.

I made new drapes out of natural-colored muslin. This pic shows the second, dining area window, with the new muslin drapes.

This photo shows the front window with its new muslin drapes . . . . and a cornice. I got two cornices at a yard sale for FREE. The second cornice was too short for the top of the dining room window, so I lengthened it 68" with plywood. The tricky part was matching the birch stain: I ended up mixing all sorts of paint to get it right.

Then, one morning, I awoke with an idea buzzing around in my brain: Tea-dye the muslin drapes. This was some years after I made the original drapes. I was tired of the off-white, you see, by then. So I threw 400 tea bags in the washing machine, let them 'steep' in hot water, then pulled them out. Then I added the muslin drapes. As they were agitating in the tea, I thought to add some green Rit dye, so that's what I did. The resultant drapes turned out the EXACT color of the newly-painted wall. I'm not kidding; it was a perfect match. This photo also shows the copper-clad blind I got at a second-hand store for @ $4.00; I brought it home to find that it just fit our dining room window. Whoo Hoo!

Then, some time later - after yet another wall-color change - I dyed the drapes brown. Then I dyed them with black dye. Then I added a black striped to each set of drapes. Then I lined them, using old white sheets for the liner. This photo shows the front window, with a black stripe on the drapes, and the new brown color. 

This pic shows the back window when the drapes were still green/tea-dyed. This window was replaced with a sliding glass door just recently - Fall of 2011.....

In this photo, you can see the new door that replaced the back window. You can also see, in this picture, that the drapes have been lengthened to accommodate the new, bigger opening. 
[Note: you can also see the new wood floor in this photo - another story for another time...]

It took me @ 8 hours to lengthen those drapes. I added 7 new stripes to make them long enough. Hm. I wonder if those drapes will go through any more changes in the future! 
Thanks for reading this, thanks for letting me ramble on about our chameleon-like drapes!!!!


  1. Good good good! Good you started to document and share! Nice.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Dinu!! You are right: It was time....
    Your friend, Susan

  3. Get modern drapes in style & colors to boost your room. The drapes look great!!

    1. Thanks for your comments, Rachael. Those drapes are over 10 years old now. And you are right: The interjection of the modern stripes makes the room(s) in many ways. You are so right! I don't think in terms of style - as in, What style is this? I just go with the flow.
      And, a confession: My original idea was to do the living area in . . . . mustard yellow and raspberry!!! So what style would that be? Mine, that's what. Only one problem: Try to find raspberry fabric! It's nigh onto impossible. Thanks again for your comments. You've encouraged me. You get me, sweetie!!!! Sue

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