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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Good Morning, Glory

After Bill moved some mulch - at our last home, on Church Street - morning glories started to grow where he dumped that mulch. So I decided to move some of those new plants to various parts of the yard. I even put some wires on the utility pole out by the curb so the morning glory vines could climb it. We had morning-glory-filled trellises everywhere, too. 

Of course we had other flowers in our yard, too.....
But the morning glories were the show-stopper. Total strangers would round the corner in their car, stop and comment about our yard.

That's no stranger: That's Mike admiring the flowers with my husband our side yard on Church Street.

And there are some more flowers - my parents, Bed and Etty, er, I mean Ed and Betty.
Yes, we were a bit crazed when it came to the whole morning glory thing. We had fun with it. 
And we're not the only ones who got into it: I mentioned, earlier in this post, that people would stop and comment about our yard. People would also ask me where I got those morning glory seeds, and I would assure them that they were normal, garden-variety (!) seeds. We even had one guy stop mid-corner to ask if he could have some of the seeds; so we gave him some. 
But here's the thing: It didn't occur to me to tell people that I put wires on the utility pole. In fact, it wasn't till some years after we moved from that Church Street home that I realized I should have told those people that - told them that those plants had help climbing that pole. Picture it: That poor man who got seeds from us goes home and plants those seeds . . . .  and they don't climb for him like they did for us. 
And one more story: The first year we had morning glories everywhere in that yard, I feared the electric company would have a problem with us growing vines up their pole. Well, I needn't have worried: The electric workers stopped by and complimented us on our garden, then asked if they could help us get the vines off the poles! God is good . . . . .


  1. Ah, that lovely house! Those colours on it [paint]..... and then the 'grown colours'! Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for bringing it up again here in the blog! You hadn't mention about the visitors from the electric co.

  2. Hi, Dinu!
    All of those morning glories! Even all these years later, I am struck by those photos my own self!! I guess when we actually lived there, amongst all those flowers, all I saw was the weeds that needed my attention! So I'm glad I have photos; I think I enjoy that house now, through photos, more than I did when we lived there!!
    And there are more stories on this subject - sure there are!! More grist for the blogging mill, in the future....
    Thanks for commenting, friend.