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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Partition Wall with a Secret

My husband Bill worked tirelessly to put barn wood up on the bottom half of the west side of our two-room basement - he garnered the wood from an old barn, brought it home in his truck, de-nailed it, planed it, and put it on the wall. 

The photo above shows the old paneling in the ping pong room, looking east into the other half of the basement.

Once the barn wood was installed in the  ping pong room, it was time for a less strenuous project, so we opted to put a partition wall in the other room of the basement, using wood left over from the wall project. The new wall hides the utilities - the water softener and the hot water tank, etc. 

The basement has gone through many changes. The photo above represents how the basement looks at this writing. The partition wall looks fabulous - a vast improvement over the view before we installed that wall. And, oh, did I mention that this half-wall holds a secret?

Ah! Storage!! We thought to add storage to the back of that wall. Whoo hoo! Storage!!!!

PS: Look for this area of the basement in future posts; I hope to share the different stages in the development of the east room of the basement. I'll give you a hint: I now refer to that half of the basement as 'my sewing room.


  1. Is that another computer room down there? Nice storage 'secret' hidden from view. Great work, great Bill! Kudos. Storage places are so valuable!

  2. Yes, I know you're jealous about all that storage! Just kidding....
    When one of my computers was too old to be on-line, I put it in my office area in the basement, thinking I'd use it to edit photos and such, but I didn't use it much, and when a friend needed a computer, I gave it away. The basement office area looks somewhat different now, by the way. To be continued....
    Kudos to Bill, indeed. He's a gem....