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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pallet Wood Redo In the Bathroom

When it came time to redo our bathroom floor and counter top, we turned to our tried-and-true material: wood. We chose pallet wood - hard wood from pallets. We covered the floor and counter top with beautiful, warm wood. We made our own wood putty by combining sawdust - from the same wood - and wood glue. For the finish, we used tung oil - another one of our favorites because it's a natural product and easy to use.

When it came time to sand the wood, we fired up two sanders and went at it in a marathon session! We were covered in sawdust!! 

These last two photos show Bill and I taking a breather - literally: we had to exit the bathroom to get our breath back! 


  1. Very beautiful room!! What a wonderful idea too.

  2. Thanks, Tammy. We just finished putting barn wood (and a new fan) On the ceiling in the bathroom. I need to add a photo of that....
    I really love the warmth of that wood. It's easy to live with, too; we apply tung oil to the wood every so often. Tung oil, unlike polyurethane, is designed to soak into the wood, and hence it does not chip off. Too, tung oil is nontoxic. Thanks again for your wonderful comments. Susan

    1. That is exactly what I wanna do with my bathroom, reclaimed wood on the walls and floors and the bathtub we are putting in a bathtub sized galvanized tub and fixing up a old metal coal bucket to use as a sink..I have actually been thinking about ole roof tin for my ceiling

    2. You won't be sorry, Isaiah, if you go that route. I always teased that I wanted a home that looks good dirty. Wood is very forgiving in that regard: It always looks lovely. We are clean people, mind you, but I don't care who you are, your house gets upside down sometimes from lack of time and/or attention, but the wood we used in our home always looks great between cleanings. It is low maintenance - and easy to install. And on and on. I am amazed that more people do not use wood for counter tops, in particular. I have written, more than once, that we used tung oil on the wood, but it bears repeating because it is wonderful stuff. My dear husband periodically cleans and rinses the countertops, then applies a new coat of tung oil. That's it. So easy and simple. I have read that wooden counter tops need to be 'refinished' every two years. I scoff at that - scoff, I tell you - because the truth is that wood is a lot easier to maintain than any other surface. Love your roof tin idea for the ceiling, by the way. Please share the results with me. Make sure to take plenty of before and after pics regardless; you'll be glad you did. Thanks for your comment. Susan

  3. i wanna do this for my bathroom and kichen thats so pirtty

    1. We also put old wood on the ceiling in that bathroom. Can't get enough of old wood!!!!

  4. beautiful,warm,woodsy, i love this look! fine craftsmanship!

    1. Thanks, Wendy! I read somewhere, years ago, that one can wear any fine metal - gold, silver, copper - together. I think that's true of wood, too, in decorating; you can never go wrong with wood!! Thanks again. Susan
      PS: I don't know about the craftsmanship! One of the reasons I like working with wood is that it's sooooo forgiving, almost like fabric.

  5. Beautiful guys! You have given me inspiration to do some projects around the house using pallets. Thank you for sharing your labor of love!

  6. Beautiful guys! You have given me inspiration to do some projects around the house using pallets. Thank you for sharing your labor of love!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! One of the things I like about the pallet-wood projects is this: You are dealing with smallish pieces of wood, so it's easier to fit it into place. I didn't say that right! Let me try again....
      Each board was laid and fitted separately. We dry-pieced it, then attached it permanently after we had all the pieces in place.
      And something else, too: I have read many comments on wooden counter tops, and they all suggest that they have to be re-finished periodically. That burns me up; it really does. A person wipes down their counter tops every day, right? Well, all you do to perk up the finish is wipe it off, then rinse it good, then apply a new layer of tung oil and let it dry - about 6 hours, with a fan to help the drying process. That's IT, Elizabeth. No fuss at all.
      I have to believe that wood is not used more for counter tops (table tops, island tops, etc) because of advertising for other products: Who makes a profit from counter tops fashioned from old wood, right?
      We have lived with wooden counter tops for about 8 years, and I would not change a thing. They are lovely, just lovely, and warm, and user-friendly. Please let me know if you such a project; I would love to hear all about it.
      Thanks again for your lovely comments.
      Susan Moore

  7. Are these regular pallets? I have read that some pallets are treated with insecticides.

    1. We used one-use, hard wood pallets, one designed to transport semi-truck door parts. The wood was/is pristine. But I'm smiling as I type this because my dear husband has been known to drag home some ratty barn boards, complete with animal excrement. The planing process takes care of any debris, though, and the old wood emerges in all its glory. I love watching that type wood come out of the planer. It's astounding to see the results when wood is resurrected with a few passes through the planer. I'm hooked on old wood and its many facets. Can you tell?!! Susan

  8. Are these regular pallets? I have read that some pallets are treated with insecticides.

    1. Some are chemically treated. Look for pallets stamped with HT. That means that instead of chemicals, it was heat treated.

    2. Good tip, about the HT marking. I did not know that. Please read other comments/replies that trail this blog entry - and others on my blog that have to do with old wood - and find out what others have written. Thanks for your comments. Susan Moore

  9. Wow. Great job on porch and bathroom. They are both absolutely beautiful

    1. Thanks, MIchele! I tease that I always wanted a house that looks good dirty, and that, as it turns out, is what we have now. The wood always looks great!!!! When I teased thusly to one person, not long ago, they said, ' should clean your house!' of some such. They missed the point: I wanted something that looks good between cleanings.
      Thanks again for your comment. It is much appreciated. Susan

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