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Friday, October 5, 2012

Why Is This Thing Hanging On Our Wall?!

We found this wonderful thing at a yard sale recently - some sort of small metal trellis with an addition to hold a planter. I had no idea where I would put this when I bought it, but the price was right and I just HAD to have it..... I hung the thing on the wall in the basement, beside another yard sale find, a wonderful old piece off an organ. Why would a person hang such a thing on their basement wall? I'll give you a hint: The ping pong table is nearby.....
Did you guess why I hung this on the wall? Here's a picture of the trellis/planter in use:
I am soooooo smart!!!! Susan


  1. Of course, blogs are for 'brags'! Blowing own trumpet... oh yes, let's blow, brag and blog! How else can we know you are 'smart'? :) :)

    It reminds me of a similar baby crib [hanging type] that I just decided to give my carpenter for his g/child. He asked me since it was lying around in the junk pile. I've already told him to take. I'd have done something like your project had you shown this before and it would have meant that the carpenter would not have got it. Presently it is still with me. Someone gave it to me anyway, some years ago.

  2. If I'm smart, then why am I bragging? A conundrum for sure! I just like to share; you know I do. It's like that old saying, 'I do it because . . . . I can!!!!
    You could always renege on your promise to give away that object to the carpenter! Just kidding. And by the way, I could not have shared that hanging thing in our basement before this because I just put it up. You might recall that I sent you a photo of that thingie when it was resting/rusting in a flower bed!! I had no idea what I'd use it for, so was glad to employ it, finally....
    Thanks for your comment. Thanks for your attentiveness to my 'bragging,' Dinu!!

  3. I love this idea and usage. Perfect fit.

  4. An addendum: Our son Bob made hardwood ping pong paddles, and I just yesterday glued some rubber to one of them. That thing is heavy! We'll see how it works.
    Come and visit and play ping pong with us, Kristi. You're welcome any time....

  5. We recently re-painted that room - floor and walls. I need to add pics of this to the blog post about the ping pong room. To be continued.....

  6. Kristi: See Barnwood Basement post, under April of 2012 and let me know what you think of our new colors. Thanks. Hugs! Sue

  7. I have enjoyed my visit to your blog! I was looking for a great place to ask about the Bible pages on the wall, I think I like that idea. I was fortunate enough to pick up some pallets this evening at the shopping center where my daughter works. Reading on, I read about the storm door and Tradio. Oh the memories it brought to mind. I walked to Indian Mounds the first year it was built...Are you around there? Thanks for the ideas and the walk down memory lane! Come on over and visit my blog. For I am always Refreshed and Restored!

  8. Hi, Robyn! Yes, we are still in the area you mention. Look for me on facebook, OK? Search for Susan Hirneise Moore.
    I know they changed the name of Indian Mound to Benjamin Harrison, but I always call it George Harrison!
    After I got the idea to cover my sewing room wall with pages from bibles, I raked through my bibles to see what I had and found I had a bunch of them I'd gotten at yard sales. So the plans went forward. I awoke one morning, then, and thought, 'This is the day to glue the bible pages to the wall!' But first I had to go to work for a few hours. After work, I stopped at a yard sale and found . . . a giant bible. It was free, too. I mention that huge bible because if I hadn't had those giant pages to use, along with the pages from smaller bibles, it would have taken a lot longer to do that wall. As it is, I got it done in one day's stint of gluing. I used wallpaper paste, by the way. Did you know you can make your own wallpaper paste for pennies, Robyn?
    Find me on FB. If you can't find me, we'll try another way to message.
    Thanks for your comments. Glad I could put you on Memory Lane....

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