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Friday, September 14, 2012

After Bill brought home some wood from an old outbuilding, we found the a perfect base to use for a new work space for storing tools in the workshop. Using the cedar wood from the outbuilding, we soon had wood cut and attached to the wrought iron base. Sanding and a coat of tung oil brought out the beautiful grain of the wood.
The new table/shelf unit holds lots of tools; it's just what we needed....
We decided to extend the original work bench, and we topped the new extension with some more of the cedar. After adding some task lighting, the new extension was ready to use and enjoy.


  1. This is a wonderful assortment of examples of good living with great lives. Keep up the good work, but it would seem you're about out of space for new projects and may just have to go vertical. So, add a 2nd floor and see what all you can do with that. Ha!

  2. Exactly!! It's either go vertical . . . . or sell this house and buy another one that needs our attention! Ideally, we'd buy a fixer-upper and flip it and make a bunch of moolah - a business we could have with our children, actually.....
    Thanks, Tony, for your comment.